Shanghai United International School Wenzhou officially started construction. Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee, Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Chen Yixin announced the start. Deputy Secretary of the municipal party committee, Acting Mayor Xu Liyi gave a speech at the opening ceremony. Municipal People's Congress Director Chen Xiaohua, CPPCC Chairman Yu Meisheng, Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Deputy Director, Ouhai District Party Committee Secretary Li XiuzhenOuhai District People's Congress Director Zhang Chunyi, District CPPCC Chairman Wu Hongru and other urban leaders in four groups attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Peng Lihua, Mayor of Ouhai District. A "Where East meets West" international school officially landed in Wenzhou.









Shanghai United International School Wenzhou, built and donated by the Semir Group, and all infrastructure projects have been completed. Wenzhou Ouhai District Standing Committee, executive vice mayor Huang Hui attended the topping-out ceremony.








Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Xu Liyi, deputy secretary of municipal Party committee, Mayor Zhang Geng and other leaders went to Shanghai United International School Wenzhou with the delegation to listen to the work report of Ouhai District Standing Committee and Minister of Organization Qian Suwen. Vice Mayor Wang Zuhuan praised the school: new model, fast speed, excellent quality!







November 28, Ouhai District Organization Department issued the first private schools in the region's "corporate legal person certificate." The legal representative Zhang Hongliang, the principal of Shanghai United International School Wenzhou, received a profound significance of the first certificate. Since then the school has a "business unit identity card."







December 9, Wenzhou City Board of Education Party Secretary, Secretary Zheng Jianhai in Ouhai District Education Bureau, accompanied by Lin Heguo did field research for the school.






Ouhai District Acting District Mayor, Wang Zhenyong, and other leaders inspected the construction of the school, praised "Shanghai United International School Wenzhou is a 'masterpiece'!"







The country's largest education donation project - Shanghai United International School Wenzhou, invested by Semir Group with 300 million, was officially completed and donated to the Ouhai District People's Government. City district leaders Qiu Yangjun, Li Xiuzhen, Wang Zuhuan, Zhang Fangzhang, Lou Shaoguang, Wang Zhenyong and other leaders attended the ceremony. Wang Zhenyong presided over the donation ceremony. Party Secretary Xu Liyi awarded for Shanghai United International School Wenzhou. Principal Zhang Hongliang took the gold plaque.







SUISWZ welcomed more than 2,000 people to visit the school, including the staff from Semir, suppliers, parents and friends of all circles. Principal Zhang Hongliang, Vice President of Secondary School Peter Round, Primary School Principal Jiang Wen warmly welcomed guests.






The first meeting in the theater caused a sensation. Three  principals of Shanghai United International School Wenzhou attended the meeting.







Ouhai District Education Bureau Deputy Director Lin Chengyi led the education bureau department heads and his party to visit Shanghai United International School Wenzhou. They spoke highly of the modern school characteristics and educational philosophy.








Shanghai United International School Wenzhou "Curriculum Showcase" was held at the student theater as scheduled. Three principals introduced the curriculum and answered all kinds of questions. Principal Zhang Hongliang also gave a speech on "How to help children choose a school under the trend of international education".







Vice President of Wenzhou University Qian Qiang, accompanied by the leadership, experts and well-known entrepreneurs of Wenzhou University Teachers' Education School did field research in SUIS WZ.








Shanghai United International School Wenzhou held a grand school open day. In addition to visiting the campus and learning about the daily learning and living environment of the students, parents and friends also listened to the introduction of the curriculum offered by the three Chinese and foreign principals and the lecture "The student's growth plan and the duties and roles of the parents".