School bus service

School provides school bus service for children living within 10 kilometers of school. (more than 10 kilometers to be approved by the headmaster).


School bus service is available for boarding students.




School bus service commitment:


1. Traffic condition


The bus condition is an important part of our school's external image.The vehicle must be given regular maintenance, kept clean inside and outside. The air condition should be turned on when the temperature exceeds 25 degrees in spring and summer.


2. The driver


Drivers should be clean and tidy in their dresses. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the car or in the district. The drivers should keep the vehicle running smoothly and the door shut until  studentssecurity is confirmed . The drive will contact teachers directly when have problems with parents.



3. The teachers on the bus


The teacher must be responsible for the safety of the students on the school bus. Students should be organized on the place, not allowed to frolicking. It is necessary to confirm that there is no danger before the students can leave the school bus. The teacher needs to contact the parents as much as possible to confirm the new arrival time if the school bus can not arrive at the site on time.