Catering Services

The restaurant is managed and operated by a company rich in its experience in food processing and ranking as a world's top 500 enterprise for facilities and thoughtful service in similar industries The school and the company work together to provide students with safe, nutritious and delicious food.


The restaurant is tailored to the needs of the students’ nutrition, making detailed weekly and monthly menus to ensure that all food is in the right balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fibers, vitamins and fats. Our recipes must be reviewed by the dietitian, and we are confident that we can provide a healthy and balanced diet.


For preschool and kindergarten meals, we select for students to choose Chinese and Western packages, the daily rotation and adjustment of the main courses, so that students can enjoy a balanced nutrition.


We also provide services of fruit, snacks and drinks for kindergartens and primary school students.


The restaurant will also launch a different theme or flavor of food every month to help students learn more about food culture.


However, it will not affect our supply of special diets (egallergies, religion, medical dietary requirements). We have a very rich experience in dealing with the special conditions of these students and making the corresponding dishes under the parents' notice in advance.


We strive to provide students with healthy food. The restaurant does not use MSG, artificial colors and respects healthy cooking methods.